Mix-and-Match Soup

There's nothing better in the winter than a warm bowl of hearty home-made soup - but who has time for that? We do! Pick them up in individual one litre mason jars or mix and match in cases of six or twelve! There great for a last minute meal or the first course of a feast.

To order please call 905-503-3462 or email info@foodinmotion.ca

Please place order at least 48 hours in advance

1 Litre Soups

All of our Soups are Vegetable Stock Based Unless the Soup Contains a Protein.

Beef & Barley - $12

Beef Chili 

Beef Barley

Carrot & Ginger 

Chicken Noodle 

Chicken & Rice 

Coconut Curry (V) 

 Potato & Leek 


Moroccan Chicken 

Moroccan Chickpea (V) 

Roasted Mushroom

Roasted Pepper & Tomato Puree 

Butternut Squash 

Turkey Chili 

Pasta Fagioli

Vegetables and Legumes 

1 Litre Bone Broths - $10

Boost your immune system and improve joint health with our easy to digest and rich in flavour bone broths.

Grass Fed Beef and Roasted Chicken